Web Design & Development

Web Design:

Websites are the only means at the current times to build business visibility and reach people. With the growing demands, small, mid and large sized businesses work for establishing their presence online through websites. Websites show viewers what the business is and what it offers to people.

The design of a website shows how unique the business is in the respective niche in marketplace. It is the creative design that builds an image in the minds of viewers about the business.

Atech presents a clear picture of your business through standard web design services. We are a one-stop store offering innovative, efficient and cost effective design services with qualified professionals. We design professional websites that are attractive, informative and interactive.

We analyze your business and provide you suggestions on what kind of design would suit your business profile. We design all kinds of Flash Websites, Mobile Websites and we offer Website Redesign services for worldwide clients.

With our services, your business can achieve the goals in quick time. You will have the real value of money used through our standard services online.

Looking for a creative and unique website for your business? With proficient designers skilled in web design, Atech provides you a design that stands out from other websites in the market.

Web Development:

Website development involves web design, application development and maintenance of the application. Applications are developed for customer relation enhancement, process automation, cost savings and competitive advantage creation. Web development involves different technologies and the functionality of the website is implemented through server side and client side technologies. Development includes functionality design, business logic creation and implementation of the functionality.

Web application development is important for any business online. With increased usage of the Internet, it is crucial for any business to have a website with all functionalities for customers. Application development involves a number of steps

  • Gathering requirements from the client
  • Developing a document on specified requirements
  • Designing a prototype
  • Designing the database
  • Developing different functions of the application
  • Testing of the modules and integration
  • Verification of the application
  • Software Deployment
  • Maintaining the application

Atech offers a wide range of web development services in the online industry. With professionals skilled in all the cutting edge technologies and platforms, we develop applications for any kind of website functionality.

We have a team of professionals who are specialized in developing applications using server side technologies like .Net, JAVA, ASP, PHP, Python, ROR, SharePoint and client side technologies like HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, Mootools, Dojo, Scriptaculous…

With our services, you can be sure that the quality of your website increases with increased customer interaction.