Corporate Identity Design

Corporate Identity is the persona designed for a business, product or an individual symbolizing the corporate design, communication and behaviour. It shows the world what the company is and where it goes.

Corporate Identity design involves the mission, vision, values, beliefs and attitudes of a company in a graphical representation.

Corporate Identity includes

  1. Logo Design
  2. Business Card Design
  3. Letter Head Design
  4. Envelope Design

atech understands your business and develops a strong and enduring corporate identity that makes you stand ahead of your competitors. Our designers are well equipped with the latest design strategies and help you in developing a robust identity to create an impact of your business.

We design an identity that speaks your standard in the business. We help you get the right impression as we adopt different strategies for different clients.

Our design is based on

  1. Analysis on corporate mission, vision and values
  2. The current stand of the business
  3. The customer base and outlook of customers

Do you want to construct a corporate identity for your business? atech helps you in developing an effective corporate identity.