Call Centre Support Services

A product or a service which is owned or used by the user sometimes has questions regarding the process. When it incurs problems or there is a clarification needed, a user has to know where he/she can get it resolved. A call centre or a customer care centre is the place, where agents come into existence to show you the way out for your problems/queries. It compromises of a dedicated team of individuals who answer calls and offers technical support. With Atech Network Systems, we have a very strong skilled team performing with agility in solving customer problems by providing prompt solutions.


Inbound call centres are a team of skilled people sitting in desks, helping in resolving customer queries. They get calls from users and are always available to extend a step forward in resolving queries. Some operate 24/7, while others operate and take calls only within a stipulated period of time. Numbers cannot be determined and the flow of calls may vary each day. With Atech Network Systems, we help in resolving the customer queries in a swift manner by helping them with a reliable solution and work 24/7.


As the name suggests, outbound call centres have a set team that makes outgoing calls to customers/users, in order to get a reply for a particular service. Call centres make outbound calls to verify user profiles, to call customers and tell them about their services and is not always a telemarketing or a sales person who is calling randomly to get you a loan or credit card. In our company, we only have operators who make outbound calls to verify and solve queries.


When you come across the word domestic, you may easily figure out that the calls are pertaining to a specific region. This type of call centre help to resolve queries for users within a certain boundary. Domestic call centres are located in places where people should be capable of conversing in the local dialect.


Across boundaries, crossing the seas and helping users to resolve their queries from a location which is out of the country. There is no difference with the culture and process of the company as these types of call centres take care of their operations without difficulties. We have dedicated team of international customer care executives who take care of the queries that are raised by the users. We also extend our hands in follow-up’s to make sure that their problem is resolved.


The customer care operations are owned in-house and are operated with a set of individuals who attend to customer queries on 24/7. It helps the company to have a physical proximity to the core business. We have a team of highly skilled and well communicable personnel working on shifts to resolve and help customers.